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Bodyscan Relaxation Meditation

Stress is estimated to cause 80% of all illnesses. If stress isn’t the cause of the initial disease, it worsens whatever illnesses are already present. When you study the science that shows how stress causes disease, it's frightening. Chronic stress is detrimental to your health because the constant flood of stress hormones in your body eventually begins to disrupt your hormonal balance, weaken your digestion, create inflammation and depress your immune system. In this way, stress can cause or worsen heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraines, infertility, anxiety, depression, insomnia, allergies, frequent colds and flu, asthma, autoimmune disease and even cancer.

Regular acupuncture treatments combined with daily meditation are a powerful combination for reversing and managing stress. Both meditation and acupuncture create a relaxation response in your body. This relaxation response down-regulates the chronic "fight or flight" response of your nervous system and puts you back into "rest and digest" mode. Together acupuncture and meditation reverse the harmful effects of stress on your health. This helps you create greater resiliency in the face of your daily challenges. Taking the time for restorative and mindful practices such as meditation, stretching and relaxation is an important component in finding balanced health in this otherwise rushed and stressed-out world.

Regular acupuncture treatments combined with daily meditation are a powerful combination for managing stress and reversing its negative effects.

This is why we've created this Bodyscan Relaxation Meditation, so that you can take control of your health and begin reversing the effects of stress on your health.

What is the Bodyscan Relaxation Meditation?

The Bodyscan Relaxation Meditation will teach you how to cultivate a strong sense of relaxation and mind-body awareness. This is one of the several pillars to transforming your health.

If you’ve tried meditation before and feel like you “just can’t do it,” I assure you that this style of meditation is completely doable. This 40 minute guided meditation will walk you through the whole process and teach you how to:

  • relax every part of your body
  • cultivate a strong mind-body connection
  • improve your body’s innate ability to heal itself

The Bodyscan Relaxation Mediation is based on a fusion of ancient Qigong and mindfulness meditation principles. By starting at your head and working down to your feet, this grounding meditation will get you out of your head and into your body. It is perfect for anyone struggling with stress, migraines, chronic muscle tension or pain, high blood pressure, anxiety or sleep problems. After listening to this audio regularly, you'll will soon be able to scan through your body on your own (while at your desk, before you go to bed or anytime you feel stressed out) and quickly let go of  pain or tension.

Don't let stress destroy your life. Click the play button [ ▶︎ ] below to listen to the guided audio meditation and start reclaiming your health today!


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