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COVID-19 Safety and Requirements

Your safety is our top priority. We have worked hard to provide a safe refuge for those that need or would like to take advantage of the many health benefits of acupuncture. We are continually monitoring state, federal and scientific data and guidelines to provide you with the safest treatment possible.

Below are the current measures that our clinic is taking to protect the safety of all our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Air Quality

Our treatment rooms are outfitted with state of the art IQAir Healthcare Pro Plus air purifiers that filter 99.5% of air particles as small as 0.003 microns in size. This far exceeds the highest MERV 20 rating. Each treatment room is currently allowed 30 minutes between patients for air purification.

Additionally our HVAC system is fitted with a HEPA filter (MERV 13) and is continuously running at all times. Whenever possible, windows are also left open for additional outside air exchange.

Patient Screening

All visitors' temperatures are taken prior to entering our clinic.

All patients and caregivers are prescreened for COVID-19 symptoms or possible exposure. Patients that are positive for COVID-19, exhibit possible symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or possible COVID-19 are asked to rescheduled their appointment after a 14 day period.

At this time, only the patient being treated is allowed to enter the office. The only exceptions to this are for a parent or caregiver to accompany a child or a patient with special needs/disabilities. In these cases, only one parent/caregiver may accompany the patient.

Travel Restrictions

All patients that have travelled outside of Massachusetts and are expected to self-quarantine based on state guidelines will be asked to reschedule their appointment for after their 14 day self-quarantine. For a current list of states that are exempt from quarantine requirements see: Massachusetts Travel Information Related to COVID-19

Staff Screening and Social Distancing

Practitioner temperatures are taken daily before arriving at the clinic. We also continue to greatly limit our own activities and practice strict social distancing.

Disinfection and Clinic Volume

Patient scheduling has been reduced to limit the number of patients in the clinic at any given time and increase time for air purification and disinfection between patients.

All surfaces in the treatment room and reception area are disinfected between each appointment.

As we have always done, clean sheets and table coverings are provided for each patient and then removed for cleaning after your treatment.


We require all staff and visitors to wear masks while in our clinic at all times. Please bring your own mask and wear it to your appointment. A surgical mask may be provided if a visitor's mask is inadequate.

Hand Washing / Sanitizing

We require that all visitors wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the office. There is a sanitation station at the entryway of our office.

Contactless Check-in and Check-out

We offer an electronic patient system that will allow you to setup contactless payment, fill out health history and consent forms online and schedule online.

Telehealth Options

As always, we offer Virtual Herbal Consults for patients who prefer to or need to stay at home. These telehealth consults are now done via our new electronic patient system and any resulting herbs or supplements will be shipped to you.


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