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"I just made a great decision for myself - to get back on track with acupuncture and herbal medicine. It's hard to do everything you want to do for yourself - work, kids, exercise, eat right, meditate, etc. Sometimes things slip. Well, I let acupuncture and herbal medicine slip for two months. And now that I'm back, I didn't realize how much I missed it! Concord Center Acupuncture is just perfect. The place has a calming vibe and a "local" feel but is top-to-bottom professional. Michelle is a fantastic acupuncturist and has a wonderful approach to wellness - she has just the right balance of recommending steps to take toward wellness, but acknowledging that doing it all is not easy. While she has helped me through several medical challenges, the real value for me is the attention to wellness that she provides. Thank you, Michelle, for all you do to keep me in balance through all the chaos of everyday life. You are fantastic! Concord Center Acupuncture and your services get five stars from me!"*

-Maureen L., Concord MA, May 7, 2018

"I injured my lower back in 2017 after picking up a heavy item and suffered from sciatic pain radiating down my left leg. After treating it unsuccessfully with ibuprofen for several days, I contacted Concord Center Acupuncture to schedule an appointment. I had never received acupuncture before and was initially a little apprehensive, but Bhaird’s calm yet instructive approach made the experience stress-free. I felt the effects of the treatment immediately and my pain lessened within days. The pain disappeared completely in the days following my second treatment. I would certainly return in the future for any treatments should I need them."*

-Christine B., Maynard MA, April 10, 2018

"I wish I had come to Concord Center Acupuncture sooner. In just 5 short weeks I no longer have pain in my body and am much happier and calmer when faced with different challenges. I am able to fully relax in their clean, quiet, and peaceful setting."*

-Aubrey M., Concord MA, November 20, 2017

"I started acupuncture with some skepticism and the possibility that if you believe it works, it will. I am still going for weekly treatments. The Concord Center is a spacious, light, quiet and professional setting-–no crystals or incantations. Bhaird Campbell, co-owner and practitioner, is knowledgeable about western medicine as well as the benefits of acupuncture, diet, herbs and exercise. He is an unusually caring person as well as a genuinely nice human being."*

-Elizabeth E., Concord MA, October 23, 2017

"Bhaird treated me for over a year for stress and anxiety. The treatment has literally changed my life. I have lost over 100 pounds and find joy in exercise and healthy living. I have eliminated a few very bad habits and replaced them healthy ones. Things that used to cause me very acute anxiety, like air travel and highway driving, are now no problem at all. I am much more calm overall and I believe I am much more effective at work and in my personal life because of Concord Center Acupuncture."*

-Tom P., Acton MA, October 22, 2017

"Michelle at Concord Center Acupuncture provided effective and gentle treatment for my toddler's digestive issues, helping us resolve the problem after a few months of treatment. I'm so happy we saw them for an alternative approach. The acupressure treatment combined with herbal medicine helped us end use of other medications whose side effects were worse than the benefits. Thank you, Michelle!"*

-Kate G., Acton MA, September 18, 2017

"I have been receiving acupuncture and herbal treatment for quite a while now and cannot say enough good things about this business! Professional, clean and well organized, quick response time as well as successful treatment. I was able to get off the hamster wheel of antibiotics for a chronic sinus infection as well as many other complaints. Total lifesaver!"*

-Kate F., Bedford MA, August 17, 2017

"I am so happy I found this place, and Bhaird. He really knows what he is doing and is helping me tremendously manage body pain and even get jumpstarted with some good life habits.CCAH is a safe, friendly place for everyone. And treatment there is doing wonders to make me feel better. I believe in the effects acupuncture. But I'm always amazed at how much better I feel every time I leave the acupuncture center. This place has exceeded my expectations in every way. I am so grateful."*

-Daniela C., Lincoln MA, April 18, 2017

"I was referred to Concord Center acupuncture by a friend. After 1 year of pain, I was facing surgery for acute tennis elbow. I had taken all of the cortisone shots and PT that was allowed, and it didn't get any better. My friend convinced me to give acupuncture a shot. Acupuncture seemed to be the last resort between me going under the knife. I hesitated because I was not familiar with the efficacy that acupuncture could provide. Subsequently, at the end of January 2016, I had the unfortunate incident of a 60% rupture to my right Achilles tendon. Fast forward to today, June 9, 2016. I have seen Baird Campbell 2 times a week for approximately 4 weeks. Today, 6/9/2016 I had my first PAIN FREE day in a little over a year. No pain in my Achilles tendon, and no pain in my right elbow. If your body is in need of healing, I would highly recommended Concord Center acupuncture. It worked, for me. See what they can do for you."*

-Kevin O., Lincoln MA, June 6, 2016

"My experience with Michelle from Concord Center Acupuncture has been wonderful! My first visits were for help with neck/shoulder/upper arm pain and also some pain in my big toe (arthritis?) I’d had neck issues for some time, but the shoulder and upper arm pain had developed in the past several months, starting with pain when I did certain weight training and then, after a while, continuing even when I wasn’t exercising. Michelle administered acupuncture treatments twice a week for 3 weeks and during that time, the toe pain disappeared and the other pain lessened greatly. Also during that time, Michelle mentioned to me that she noticed that I had some postural mis-alignment which could be the root cause of my pain, so she referred me out for some postural therapy, which also helped greatly. The acupuncture certainly brought much relief, but if I didn’t correct the root cause, it would just continue to return time and again. I was really grateful that Michelle’s only interest was to get to the bottom of my problem and solve it and not to keep me coming to acupuncture for flare-ups forever. Michelle has also offered insight into diet and supplement information and is always really nice! The office is very peaceful and I find my treatments to be so relaxing — I always feel rejuvenated afterwards. In a time when it seems that conventional medicine’s main answer to chronic pain or discomfort is to prescribe drugs, I’m so happy to have found Traditional Chinese Medicine which has a wonderful, holistic approach. And I’m also very happy to have found a wonderful practitioner who I enjoy visiting and have confidence in, based on such positive experience!"*

-Susan B., Westford MA, April 20, 2016

"I reluctantly reached out to Concord Center Acupuncture to see how successful they had been with depression and anxiety clients in the past. I was in a horrible deep dark depression for 5 months solid and was desperate. The gentleman that answered was the most wonderful man named Bhaird. To my surprise and delight, Bhaird stated that "depression/anxiety was one of his favorite things to treat!". No one had spoken with me enthusiastically about getting better up to that point. Instead, I was told by a few different psychologist that I had "a really really LONG way to go before I would get better" Not Bhaird. He couldn't guarantee how quickly the treatments would work, but he knew if I listened to his suggestions and scheduled the appropriate number of sessions that I would in fact find relief. I gave it a shot. I'm so thankful I did. Prior to having these treatments, I had completely lost control of myself. I was so nervous and depressed about EVERYTHING I didn't even want to leave my bed! I would fight though the week but spend the entire evening and weekend in my bed. For FIVE months straight. Three of those months I cried every single day multiple times a day. I'm not sure what caused it, but I truly feared that I would NEVER again feel like myself. Too much time had passed being in that strange state. I stopped working out entirely (something I have done my entire life), started eating poorly, stopped seeing my friends, and just had lost the essence of my entire being! After just one month and a few weeks of roughly 2 sessions per week, I had my very first "normal" day! I decided I would keep track of how many days I felt good in a row. Since that day, I have yet to have one more "dark" or anxious day! In fact, today I am currently at day 74!!!! Not only do I feel "normal", I feel amazing!!! Between the acupuncture itself and the many tools and resources that Bhaird equipped me with to combat my negative self talk and irrational fears, I feel as though my mind body and soul have been restored. I highly recommend this service to anyone with any sort of ailment and especially those going though debilitating depression and or anxiety. Thank you Concord Center for offering your amazing service and helping me get my life back! You are the BEST!"*

-Sarah H., Shirley MA, April 14, 2016

"I love accupuncture! I had no idea what to expect, thought maybe it was hokey - I admit. But the first time I noticed an immediate effect. And the second time it was incredible how calm I felt when I walked out. It was complete opposite how I felt when I walked in. I'm really hopeful this will help my anxiety over recent life stresses and feel confident it will. Bhaird really cares and listens and knows just the right areas to help. So very glad I took the plunge."*

-Courtney K., Sudbury MA, February 27, 2016

"My 8 year old daughter has been struggling with a severe anxiety separation since she was a toddler, so instead of opting for conventional medicine I chose to try acupuncture to relieve this problem. I brought my daughter to see Bhaird Campbell at Concord Acupuncture, he was very understanding, he gave a very through intake interview. He asked her good questions and waited patiently for her answers. The calm quiet environment was a help in itself and my daughter thoroughly trusted him to put 4 needles in her on her first visit! and she enjoyed her treatment! Bhaird did more than just offer acupuncture, he gave us advise on conquering her fears, suggested diet changes and natural supplements. Her experience was incredibly positive and very helpful. Not only was her anxiety alleviated, but the treatments themselves were both relaxing and restorative. Acupuncture sessions have given her positive results and she presently continues with the sessions to maintain good health and a sense of well-being. I would highly recommend Concord Acupuncture to any parent seeking a way to help relieve their child's stress related conditions. Bhaird was genuinely interested in the well-being of my daughter and we are forever grateful for the great work he has done. Thank you very much Bhaird Campbell and Concord Acupuncture!"*

-Veronica, January 28, 2016

"I had horrible joint pain in hands, elbows, and feet. After only a short time treating my pain with acupuncture at Concord Center Acupuncture, I am feeling amazing! Would highly recommend!"*

-Karen H., Maynard MA, September 17, 2015

"I'm so greatful I found Michelle and Concord Acupuncture. She has helped me through several different problems. I am so grateful for their practice here in Concord!"*

-Jennifer W., Concord MA, October 22, 2015

"I suffer from terrible seasonal allergies, and most medications are either ineffective or cause too many side effects. I came to Michelle for help, and she has changed my life! I have barely sneezed during the height of my allergy season. Michelle has a very calm demeanor, is on time, and is always very professional. Her treatments have helped me a great deal and are very relaxing. I couldn't recommend her more strongly!"*

-Concord, MA, June 2, 2015

"I love the treatment. It was my first time doing acupuncture and I do recommend to everyone. I did get better after couple visits. No more pain and VIP treatment."*

-Carita R., Ayer MA, May 31, 2015

"I fell on the ice, corkscrewing my knee. I was fine until the next morning, when it took multiple tries to get out of bed. Over the next two days, my leg got worse: when it was straight, I could not bend it, when it was bent, I could not straighten it. At night it throbbed with pain. I hobbled short distances on a cane, and it was taking 5-10 tries to get out of bed, even bracing myself with cane and a sidetable. I contacted Bhaird Campbell, who years earlier had twice managed to close diabetic wounds on my feet after months of Wound Care specialists could not quite heal the injuries. After 3 treatments at 2-day intervals, Bhaird was able to restore me to almost full mobility. Today, one week after my first treatment, I walked a mile to the supermarket and returned with two bags of groceries. I can rise from my bed with just leg muscles, and I continue to experience steady improvement."*

-Larry B. February 28, 2015

"I am extremely pleased with my experience at Concord Center Acupuncture. As a 66 year old retiree, I have previously been exposed only to traditional Western medicine. But after two years of chronic soreness in my shoulder and arm -- and only moderate relief from traditional physical therapy -- I finally yielded to my wife's suggestion to try acupuncture. I'm glad I did. After only a few sessions, I began to notice a marked decrease in my soreness. After a few more sessions, my soreness was substantially gone, my motion noticeably free of aches. There were times during treatment when Michelle would ask me to to pinpoint specific locations of pain, and literally within seconds of her treatment, the pain disappeared. Michelle brings to her practice not only skill and expertise, but sensitivity and attention to her patient's needs. I am quite glad I heeded my wife's suggestion to try acupuncture."*

-David S., Concord MA, February 25, 2015

"It was the last day of school when we noticed our 8 year old son, L.J’s., excessive eye blinking, sniffing and just being off in a way he had never been before. We thought he just needed some down time and was probably over extended from the end of the school year activities. He has always had some restlessness in him, frequent nightmares, constipation, getting too hot easily, difficulty falling asleep and concentrating in school. We have brought up all these in regular visits with his pediatrician but she didn't think it was anything out of the "ordinary" and concluded he would eventually grow out it. It was just part of being an active 8 year old boy. 

When the facial tics didn't go away after 4 weeks and our son's pediatrician's diagnosis was a transient tic that would hopefully go away. I asked for a referral to a neurologist and an allergist, which she happily gave me. Before dragging our son through a number of tests I was lucky to find Concord Center for Acupuncture online as one of a few places specializing in pediatric acupuncture and among others in tics. 
My first phone conversation with Michelle lasted almost 45 minutes during which she asked me a number of detailed questions that seemed logical and helped me to come up with many other symptoms that our son was exhibiting. Within an hour of the initial phone intake, Michelle called me back offering to see us that very afternoon. I was so happy and so hopeful but still somewhat reserved and uncertain about what acupuncture could do for our son. After all, I was taking our 8 year old who had fear of needles straight to the acupuncturist! What was I thinking???
When we arrived to the office his eye blinking was quite intense. Michelle asked him very direct questions and in a reassuring tone said that she can help him with whatever he is doing. She checked his tongue, pulse and asked a few more questions. When she showed L.J. acupuncture needles, he curled up into a ball with tears in his eyes refusing to have any needle near him. Michelle offered alternative treatment of acupressure that can also be effective, recommended a herbal formula 2x daily and some changes in L.J.'s diet, especially introducing homemade beef broth. It seemed too easy to be effective but I thought we had nothing to lose with such a non-invasive treatment. 
Within 2-3 weeks we noticed significant improvement in our son's health, both physical and mental. His excessive eye blinking and sniffing was less frequent and sometimes almost gone. Other improvements were noticeable in the quality of his sleep, digestion, mood, concentration and communication. He seemed less fidgety and more focused on task. 
L.J. told me: Mom, I was doing all this crazy stuff with my eyes before and now it's pretty much gone. And I really like acupuncture now.
Today, LJ gets a full acupuncture treatment (explanations of benefits and small bribes of Legos helped him overcome his fear and anxiety), herbal formula, and continuing with beef or chicken broth in his diet a few times a week. In fact he is looking forward to our Saturday visits and brags about getting acupuncture in school.
His facial tics are practically gone and so are other issues. He is doing well in school both academically and socially. We are extremely happy with the progress our son has made. It was scary and heart breaking to see our son do all these involuntary facial movements and I cannot even describe how good it feels that there is someone like Michelle who can help. 
Michelle has brought peace of mind to our family again. Michelle's direct communication, effectiveness and attention she gives to her patients are admirable. Michelle is very professional and uses her time effectively. She is a gentle, kind and calm, and genuinely cares about her clients. The field of acupuncture is fortunate to have a professional like Michelle."*
-Brookline, MA, November 8, 2014

"I had never had acupuncture before seeing Michelle. She guided me through the process with ease and grace. I went to Michelle in hopes of finding an alternative to hormone replacement therapy to help me with some typical and bothersome pre-menopausal symptoms. Over the course of the past year Michelle has alleviated my original symptoms and treated me for acute issues such as shoulder and stomach pain as well as other long-term issues. Michelle is a true expert in her field, you can tell her whatever is bothering you from the most minor symptoms to a chronic illness or issue that you have had for years and she is able to recommend an effective and appropriate treatment plan for you. She explains everything she is doing, listens to everything you say, and is incredibly professional. She is always suggesting different methods, books, herbal supplements, nutrition tips and other things that are available in Chinese medicine, and trying to think of ways that you might benefit. I am very grateful to Michelle for starting me down a path of both physical and emotional wellness. Her kindness, compassion, professionalism and extensive knowledge make her an outstanding healer. I now consider acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine among my primary healing tools. I can’t recommend Michelle, acupuncture and herbal medicine highly enough!"*

Sonja S., Sudbury MA, October 2, 2014

"Prior to coming to Concord Center Acupuncture, I got a severe chest cold (or pneumonia) and a sinus infection every single winter.


With age, I found it hit me harder, and it took me longer to recover. So each winter I used to hope it would get better, and when it didn't, I would go to my doctor, and they always prescribed the usual two-stage nuclear weapon: antibiotics and industrial strength guaifenesin. I am not an earthy-crunchy type of guy who avoids pharmaceuticals, but the engineer in me noticed that these pills took a strange toll on my body systems, and I began to wonder if there was something better, i.e., more along the lines of prevention.

My girlfriend had been visiting Concord Center Acupuncture for help with congestion in her ears. Michelle (the owner of Concord Center Acupuncture) prescribed an herbal mixture that my girlfriend took twice a day. It was like a very strong tea. I took note when she began to feel better, but I was amazed when I was able to smell faint traces of the herbs in her ear. Maybe there is something to this, I thought.

So I made an appointment. Michelle asked me some questions (color of discharge, sound of my cough, wheezing, etc), looked at my tongue, took pulses at several locations, and then began acupuncture and custom-mixed my own herbal medicine.

I have to say that although the acupuncture targeted my congestion, I found it immensely relaxing. The needles are tiny and she has a very gentle touch. I never in my life thought I would say this, but I could really feel the acupuncture altering the energy flow in my body. I felt very calm for a long while after each acupuncture treatment.

Over the course of several visits, Michelle altered the herbal mixture until I began to notice an improvement in my chest and sinuses. I think the key was when she focused on treating the problem as a mild form of seasonally-induced asthma. I could definitely taste the difference in the herbs as she varied the prescription. Unlike the antibiotics and guaifenesin, the herbs seemed to help without bad side effects.

Today I find myself feeling much better, and this was the first winter in a long time that I kept sickness at bay! I think it is important to try this treatment approach BEFORE the problem requires antibiotics and guaifenesin. This winter I went on and off treatment maybe three times. Each time, when I felt my body getting congested, I made an appointment. I was much happier making several appointments for acupuncture (relaxing) and herbs (no side effects) than making a single appointment for antibiotics and guaifenesin.

I very much recommend Michelle. She is keenly aware, methodical, and educated. The treatments she offered me helped me prevent sickness in a way I found new, interesting, and highly effective."*

-Bolton, MA, March 19, 2014

"I went to Michelle with debilitating pain in my neck and back although I had never tried acupuncture before. I got immediate relief from the very first treatment and now the pain is entirely gone. With such remarkable results I asked Michelle if she could treat the chronic pain from osteoarthritis in my hip. I had a hip replacement on the other side several years ago and was dreading another surgery. Through acupuncture and herbal remedies my hip pain has been greatly reduced. I highly recommend this treatment."*

-Harvard, MA December 23, 2013

"Having dealt with stress-related issues medicinally for many years, I decided to try acupuncture. I went in with low expectations, however, the results have been profound. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable with her diagnosis and treatments, and also explains things with a level of detail that I can truly understand. I am now a regular and genuinely look forward to my treatments."*

-Lunenburg, MA September 9, 2013

"I admit it, I was skeptical about acupuncture. But I was at one of those 'I'll try anything' moments as I suffered though blinding headaches that were brought on by a case of shingles. Dosing up on pain killers barely touched the pain and the associated brain fog made me feel even worse. I was describing my plight via email to a friend in New Zealand. She said, 'you should try Concord Acupuncture, they're really good at pain relief.' How she knew about you is another story, but since I trust her judgment I made the call. What a relief! In just three sessions you took me from about an 8 on the 1-10 pain meter to about a 2. And within two weeks after your treatment, my headache was history. Needless to say I am no longer skeptical about acupuncture. Thank you for your care."*

-Carlisle, MA January 26, 2010

"I awoke and ambled into the bath just like any other morning. I looked into the mirror and saw the left side of my face melting away. It drooped and gave no reaction what so ever to my commands. I had three jobs going on and no time for a stroke. I sent emails to the guys explaining their day’s assignments and woke my wife. 'She was way too young,' I thought, 'to be saddled with a middle aged stroke survivor.' She hugged me and wept.

Within 30 seconds the ER physician diagnosed me with Bell's Palsy and issued a script for some pills. He said that there is nothing he could do other than what he just did. The paralysis may or may not go away. It could stay for 2 days 2 weeks, 2 years… that my guess was as good as his. The good news was that it wasn’t a stroke.

We were scheduled to travel to the Cabot Trail on an 800 pound motorcycle within 4 weeks for a much needed vacation and I couldn’t blink my eye. I was wearing a black eye patch which was somewhat endearing and seemed to work with my wife but not while operating a motorcycle. Depth perception goes south when vision is reduced to one eye and depth perception is very important on a motorcycle.

At the end of my first treatment of acupuncture Michelle claimed to see results. 'Of course she did I thought as I wrote the check.' By the end of the second session I saw results. By the end of the second week I was wearing the eye patch only recreationally and by the end of the month I was throwing a leg over my motorcycle heading north to the Cabot Trail.

To be frank I gave little credence to acupuncture. I did it because I had no where else to turn. I don’t know if Michelle or Bhaird are any better or any worse than any other folks that stick needles in people but I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I am theirs for life and forever in their debt."*

-Marlborough, MA January 21, 2010

"I wanted to thank you for all you do and for relieving my heel pain, as well adjusting my appetite. Since my two acupuncture treatments, I no longer have heel pain and I have noticed that I am more aware of feeling full and therefore eat less, and leave food behind. This was noticeable, since I was not able to go to the gym for the past 4 weeks due to family obligations. Therefore maintaining my weight and not increasing. Thank you!"*

-Leominster, MA January 20, 2010

"I found the herbal formulary prepared for me by Michelle to be more effective and faster acting than the prescription medication I had been taking at the outset of my back injury. This, along with regular acupuncture treatments, alleviated the pain and discomfort which had so debilitated me, thus allowing for a more full and complete recovery. All in all, without Michelle's knowledge and assistance I do not know where I would be in recovering from this back injury and in regaining optimal health."*

-Melrose, MA March 26, 2009

"Having a history of severe spinal disease with recent spinal surgery along with impending total hip replacement surgery and despite taking prescribed narcotics, my severe back and hip pain persisted and I sought adjunctive treatment through acupuncture.

Through a plan of specific treatments initiated by Bhaird, my pain gradually diminished from a 9/10 on a scale of 1-10 to a 2/3 over the course of my treatments. I also had a significant improvement in my ability to perform daily activities, as before my treatment I was only able to walk approximately 10-20 feet before needing to rest. I am now able to walk for about 20 to 30 minutes at a time without the need to rest as frequently. As a result of care, my sleep which had been frequently interrupted by pain along with the inability to sleep properly in bed, has also improved. I am now able to sleep in my bed for 5-6 hours usually uninterrupted. I have also decreased the dosage of my pain medication from oxycontin 10 mg 3 times daily along with percocet [daily] as needed to oxycontin 10 mg 2 times daily with percocet infrequently to about 1-2 per week.

My experience with Bhaird was one of the most satisfying I have ever had. He was instrumental in improving my overall quality of life during this difficult time. The acupuncture profession is fortunate to have such a professional as Bhaird."*

-Boston, MA November 13, 2008

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